I try to solve this error:

main.CRITICAL: Deprecated Functionality: Creation of dynamic property VENDOR\MODULE\Model\RedsysFactory::$helper is deprecated in /var/www/vhosts/xxxxxx.com/httpdocs/app/code/VENDOR/MODULE/Model/FILE.php on line 71 [] [] main.ERROR: Please provide payment for the order. [] []

LINE 71 SAID: $this->helper = $helper;

I try to use this code:

 * Use the fully-qualified AllowDynamicProperties, otherwise the #[AllowDynamicProperties] attribute on "MyClass" WILL NOT WORK.
use \AllowDynamicProperties;

class MyClass

but don´t work

Any idea

  • hi dear, can you share the full code? Feb 12 at 5:08

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Define the helper class like this

namespace ....

use Vendor\Modulename\Helper\Data;

class MyClass
    protected $helper;
    public function __construct(
        Data $helper
    ) {
        $this->helper = $helper;

Dynamic properties have been deprecated in php 8.2 and will gives fatal error from php 9.0 so declaring explicitly the properties is a more long-term solution than just use AllowDynamicProperties.

You can find a correct usage of this attribute here:

class MyClass { }


use AllowDynamicProperties;

class MyClass { }

In my Magento 2 projects I explicitly declared the missing properties writing this script to avoid to do it manually. It:

  • recursively open all the php files in a Magento module
  • thanks to ReflectionClass get information on constructor and properties
  • generate the property declarations missing
  • add the declarations in the php file.

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