i'm using the MageDelight Megamenu extension for a website with different stores in different countries, ex:



While creating the menu in admin i put the relative path in each category's URL box (see screenshot) instead of the absolute path so that i don't have to create a menu instance for each country : enter image description here

Now if i click on a category in the menu i will be sent to the correct page based on the country i'm in, ex:


But there's a problem: i have a category called 'New Season' which contains subcategories. If i click on one of them ,let's say Woman i get sent CORRECTLY to the woman subcategory of new season and the url will look like this:


The problem is that, since i added a relative path, from here if i click on another category (ex: About Us) i will be sent to a 404 page because the link will look like this:


instead of just:


How can i fix it without having to create a menu for each country with absolute paths?

Here's the relevant block of code:

    $megaMenuLink = $item->getItemLink() ? : '#';
    <a href="<?= /* @noEscape */ $megaMenuLink ?>" <?= $open_in_newtab_text ?>>
            <span class="megaitemicons"><?= /* @noEscape */ $item->getItemFontIcon() ?></span>
            <?= /* @noEscape */ __($megaMenuName) ?>

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You can use the getBaseUrl() method and concatenate the $megaMenuLink to it.

Refer to this answer for more information on the method: https://magento.stackexchange.com/a/84982/101146

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