I added 'custom_field' to 'customer_entity' table by using 'db_schema.xml' file and need to save 'some value' in it then I wanted to filter the collection by 'custom_field' value. How can I achieve this ? When I use the below code.

$customer = $this->_customerFactory->create();
$customerData = $customer->getCollection()->addAttributeToFilter('custom_field',array('neq'=>'cleared'))->setOrder('entity_id','ASC')->load();

I am getting this error : The "custom_field" attribute name is invalid. Reset the name and try again.


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You should try using addFieldToFilter instead of addAttributeToFilter because you are working with the database table field rather than a customer attribute.

Please try it once:

$customer = $this->_customerFactory->create();
$customerData = $customer->getCollection()->addFieldToFilter('custom_field',array('neq'=>'cleared'))->setOrder('entity_id','ASC')->load();

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