Where I can change my welcome email or subscription email? And also I need to translate them to different languages. Maybe you can send tutorials how to do that.

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Please follow the below steps to update the welcome email from the Magento admin panel:


  1. Goto Magento admin -> Marketing -> Communications -> Email Templates -> Add New Template
  2. After redirecting to the new template page, just load the New Account. Here is the screenshot:

enter image description here

  1. In the content section, you can update the content as per your requirement.
  2. After creating the new template, goto Store -> Configuration - Customers - Customer Configuration -> Default Welcome Email

Here is the configuration screenshot:

enter image description here

After updating the new template in the customer configuration, just flush the Magento cache & test the email.

This is the easiest way to update the email template contents. and In the same way, you can update Subscription email content or other email templates.


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