I want to use the only one shipping method at the checkout, but it don't distrub the internal shipping methods and the other shipping methods working besides checkout.

Actually I am doing something with the shipping methods at the customer account, I also don't want to disturb that. I only want to use only one shipping method at checkout.

I tried many plugins and also observer but it didn't work. Please any one can help me regarding this and provide me the working solution.

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I think you should try below Extension:


Hope it's fulfill your requirements

  • Can this extension also hide the shipping method only at the checkout and not distributed the other shipping functionality on the front end as I am using the shipping related functionality on the customer account '
    – Rana Zain
    Commented Jan 30 at 13:21
  • I'm not sure but it's not affecting your customer account customisation. Once you check and let me know if you have any issue Commented Jan 30 at 13:27
  • okay sure I will check
    – Rana Zain
    Commented Jan 30 at 13:28
  • It's not doing what I want
    – Rana Zain
    Commented Jan 31 at 6:56

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