I have created a custom validation rule in my admin ui form using the below link


If I use a direct condition then it is working fine. I need to call a ajax function and based on that response I need to validate the field. In this case it is always shows error. Not depend on the ajax response. It returns a false before completing the ajax.

Here is my js code

], function(validator, $){
            function (value) {
                // if (value == 'PE') {
                //     return true;
                // }
                // return false;
                var url = BASE_URL.split('admin/')[0];
                    url:  url+"admin/abc/prefix/Validate",
                    showLoader: true,
                    data: {'group_code':value},
                    type: "POST",
                    dataType : 'json',
                    success: function(result){
                        return result.success;
            $.mage.__('Prefix Code already exist.')

Please help me to fix this

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Add async: false in $.ajax({...})
  • Tried it, But it is not worked Jan 17 at 4:02

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