I can see Magento 2 doesn't offer native support for fixed-tier pricing for bundle products.

I want to know 2 things:

  1. Why this fixed pricing option is not there in the core module?
  2. How can we achieve the solution to set a fixed tier price for bundle products?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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Magento offers built-in support for both fixed price and range prices.

The price of a bundle product is based on Bundle Items.

  • If you have multiple products available for a Bundle Item, the product price will be displayed as a range since it will vary depending on the customer's selection.
  • If you have only one product for each Bundle Item, the product price will be displayed as a fixed price. In this case, customers won't have the option to choose different bundle options and will need to purchase the fixed option. enter image description here

You may need to review the functionality of each product type in order to choose the correct one that you need.

  1. Bundle products
  • Bundle products allow you to create customizable products by combining multiple simple products into a single offering.
  • This product type is ideal for situations where customers can choose different options or customize their purchases, such as configurable options for clothing or electronics.
  • With bundle products, you can define different price options based on the selected options, giving your customers flexibility and control.
  1. Grouped product
  • Grouped products, on the other hand, are used to showcase related items that customers can purchase together as a group.
  • This product type is suitable when you want to sell multiple products as a set, like a camera kit with accessories or a furniture set with multiple pieces.
  • Customers can easily select and add specific items from the grouped product page to their cart, making it convenient for them to purchase related items in a single transaction.

Here are some scenarios to help you choose the correct product type:

  1. Scenario 1: Offering customizable product options with different prices:

In this case, using a bundle product is the way to go. You can define various options (e.g., colors, sizes, add-ons) and set different prices for each combination.

  1. Scenario 2: Selling related items as a set or package:

If you want to offer customers the option to buy related items together, a grouped product would be suitable. Customers can see all associated products on one page and add them to their cart individually.

  • Hi, could you please guide me: magento.stackexchange.com/q/371379/82670
    – Msquare
    Dec 22, 2023 at 9:44
  • Hi @Msquare. I'd love to assist you with that implementation, but currently, I'm unable to research it due to other commitments. However, you could consider opening a bounty to attract others who can provide you with guidance.
    – Tu Van
    Dec 23, 2023 at 16:04

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