I'm using paypal express checkout.and In order comments history tab the following type of information is stored.

Payflow PNREF: #B1PP7A1A6D7C. Authorized amount of $94.99. Transaction ID: "28N891255K2125216". I want to know above information in which table field contain?

Thanks in advance


The table is sales_flat_order_status_history.
But if that is a response from a payment gateway it might be located in sales_flat_order_payment.
Check both to make sure.

  • How can i find single product how many time placed an order using DB – Gem Apr 19 '18 at 11:23

In magento 2.3 community version, it is present in the table named "sales_order_status_history.In that table column named "comment" will have this values.

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