I'm encountering a challenge with the search functionality in Magento 2 and could use your expertise. Specifically, the issue revolves around partial match searches, especially concerning the SKU attribute.

Issue Description:

  • When I search with the exact SKU (e.g., "ML1797"), the product is retrieved as expected in the search results.
  • However, when I perform a search with a partial SKU (e.g., "1797"), no results are found, which is not the desired outcome.


  • I want to configure or customize the search functionality so that partial SKU searches return relevant results.

What I've Tried:

Additional Context:

  • Magento Version: 2.4.5-p1
  • Search Engine: Elasticsearch 7
  • Additional Search Module : MGS/InstantSearch
  • No relevant errors in log files.


  • Is there a configuration or best practice approach to achieve partial match searches for SKU (and potentially other attributes) in Magento 2?
  • If customization is required, could you provide a guideline on how to approach this, especially considering the Elasticsearch engine?

Any insights, advice, or shared experiences would be incredibly helpful!

Thank you in advance for your time and expertise!

  • @GeneralGrievance Sure! Oct 13, 2023 at 4:09


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