In a Magento 2 (2.4.5) instance, I created a new section in CUSTOMER > CUSTOMER INFORMATION, after "Customer View" (thanks to the tutorial of @rakeshjesadiya https://www.rakeshjesadiya.com/create-tab-in-admin-customer-edit-page-in-magento-2). Now, I need to create two custom customer attributes: "OFFICE" and "LEVEL". Each customer could be associated in a 1:n relation to OFFICE with an attribution level. So I need to use the button "Add new Associations", maybe.

Nice to have: OFFICE must be selectable from a select.

As you can see in the attachment, I created a simulation view of the aspected result. I know how to add custom attributes to customers but have no idea how to create "dependent" attributes (OFFICE > level) in 1:n relations with customers and how to put them in the new section.

Have you a tutorial or any suggestions? Thank you

enter image description here


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