I want to get the data of specific store using API in REST APIs we can do this by giving store code before APIs endpoint but how can we do that in GraphQl APIs

In Rest APIs : /rest/StoreCode/V1/integration/customer/token

what to do in GraphQl APis

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You can send this "storeCode" in Headers rather than being included in url as in REST. So to add localization to your API GraphQl you could send key:value, like this: store:en Or store:fr enter image description here


GraphQL request accepts the Store into headers.

Header Key : Store

Header Value : <store_view_code>

The store view code on which to perform the request. The value can be default or the code that is defined when a store view is created.

enter image description here

I recommend you to use Altair GraphQL Client

For More Header click Here

I Hope This Helps You.

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