My configurable product redirecting to home page. I have removed the .html from Product URL Suffix and it works fine.

Now concern is if i open my configurable product then it redirect to home page. but if i put the .html as suffix in URL then only it works. My rest of the product works fine without .html in the URL.

  • xyz.com/milwaukee-tools-203 - Not working
  • xyz.com/milwaukee-tools-203.html - Working

I tried reindex and checked the URL_Rewrite table too. But it did not work. Can anyone help?

Please check the below screenshots for more information.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

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There are a few things I would check to troubleshoot the Magento configurable products redirecting to the home page when you remove .html from the URL suffix:

  • Make sure you have cleared all caches after changing the Product URL Suffix setting. The cache can store redirects that need to be cleared.

  • Check for any extension conflicts that may be interfering with URL rewrites on configurables. Try disabling third party extensions to isolate the issue.

  • Look for customizations to the product view controller. Removing .html can sometimes reveal core code bugs.

  • Review your Nginx/Apache URL rewrite rules - you may need to update rules for clean URLs without .html.

  • Enable Magento developer mode and check system.log for errors when accessing the URLs without .html.

  • Re-run the "Generate URL rewrites" tool under Marketing -> SEO & Search to rebuild rewrites.

  • As a test, try setting the configurable product URL key to something other than the product name/ID.

Usually issues like this come down to a caching, extension conflict or web server configuration problem. Hope these methods help you in finding your solution.

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