I am trying to install MailChimp in the following way but unfortunately, it did not work for me.

composer require mailchimp/mc-magento2 composer require mailchimp/mc-magento2:103.4.53

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You can try only:

composer require mailchimp/mc-magento2

It works with 2.4.5.

You can ignore the platform check by:

 composer require mailchimp/mc-magento2 --ignore-platform-reqs

You need to ignore php versions to install this extension as you have some extensions which are not compatible with your current Magento versions.

So to ignore those compatibility check you need to user --ignore-platform-reqs after the composer command to install extension.

composer require mailchimp/mc-magento2 --ignore-platform-reqs

You can also face this problem during installation of other extensions or during composer install and composer update commands. For that you have to use this --ignore-platform-reqs after the command

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