On the product page i need display also price with tax 19 percent, how i can do it better? How to calculate the correct? Need show basic price and price with tax, now i can display only basic product price, tax is zero, or if i add code: currency($_finalPriceInclTax-$_finalPrice, true, false?> working but not correct

help me how corrected display? Need basic price + 19% = price with tax and display in product page

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See As per My suggestion you did not need to change the price.phtml file for as per your custom calculation.

Step 1: Magento itself Provide tax setup as per country so you can Manage Tax form Sales >> Tax >> Manage Tax Rules. You can read This link

Step 2: If tax is done then Open your Product Catalog >> Manage product. and in price tab select Tax 19%.

Step 3: Magento Provide Functionality like display price options like Including price, Excluding price, Including & Excluding Price at catalog level,cart Level etc. If you want to set this Options then go to System >> Configuration >> TAX. Check the below Image.

enter image description here

Step 4: Based on that Magento Automatically Display price in frontend Side.

Let me know if any comments.

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