We are developing a custom theme for our Front Store view so we need to use multiple .less files in web/css/source. with the help of Grunt.js, the development makes us faster than manually generating less to CSS. so when I run the grunt watch:our-theme command only the _extend.less file compiles to the pub directory

so I need clarification about Grunt.js and how to set up with multiple custom .less files in the configuration local-themes.js

local-theme.js under the dev/tools/grunt/configs




enter image description here

Error message i got when i watch the files using grunt:watch command

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Every .less file name is defined to the _(underscore) in your case, your file name is without an underscore, like custom.less so, grunt will not specify the file and give an error when you run the command. rename your filename to _custom.less then perform the grunt command.

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