In the admin area, there is the "Send auto-generated password" checkbox in the customer area. Where is the corresponding function for that so I can modify it?


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hi goto app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/CustomerController.php and then goto it saveAction function and then got empty($data['account']['new_password']) condition there magento check is check box checked or not then generate password by generatePassword function

If you want to auto generate password by

generatePassword() of object of class Mage_Customer_Model_Customer_Model


Take a look at Mage_Customer_Model_Customer

 * Retrieve random password
 * @param   int $length
 * @return  string
public function generatePassword($length = 8)
    $chars = Mage_Core_Helper_Data::CHARS_PASSWORD_LOWERS
        . Mage_Core_Helper_Data::CHARS_PASSWORD_UPPERS
        . Mage_Core_Helper_Data::CHARS_PASSWORD_DIGITS
        . Mage_Core_Helper_Data::CHARS_PASSWORD_SPECIALS;
    return Mage::helper('core')->getRandomString($length, $chars);

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