Need to translate some default URLs like customer/account/login/ & customer/account/create/ is there any way to translate these URLs with/without using URL rewrite?

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  1. Create a language translation file:
  • Go to the Magento root directory.
  • Navigate to the following path: app/design/frontend/{Vendor}/{Theme}/i18n/ (if the directory doesn't exist, create it).
  • Create a new file with the name en_US.csv (replace en_US with the appropriate language code if you're translating for a different language).
  • Open the file and add the following entries:

"customer/account/login/", "Your translated login URL"

"customer/account/create/", "Your translated create account URL"

 Replace Your "translated login URL" and "Your translated create 
 account URL" with the respective translations in your desired language.
  1. Deploy the static content:

    Run the following command to deploy the static content:

bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

  1. Clear the cache:

    Run the following command to clear the cache:

bin/magento cache:clean

After following these steps, the default URLs "customer/account/login/" and "customer/account/create/" should be translated according to the entries in your translation file. Make sure to replace {Vendor} and {Theme} in the file path with your actual vendor and theme names.

  • this way is not able to translate URL.
    – Yogesh
    Jul 6 at 9:50

This might partialy answer to your question :

If you have a limited list of URL to translate, you can use the Magento URL Rewrite feature to do this :

Go to "Marketing > SEO & Search > URL Rewrites", and click on the "Add URL Rewrite" button.

Then enter the following data :

  • Create URL Rewrite : Custom
  • Request Path : enter you translated URL (client/compte/connexion)
  • ** Target Path** : enter the default URL (customer/account/login)
  • Redirect Type : No

The down side of this method : You will have to edit the templates/methods where those URLs are used in order to use the translated version of the URL instead.


According to my knowledge URL can not translate without re-write, because url contains the frontname folder name controller file name.

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