I've just installed Magento version, and now testing "checkout". I got the following error message. Please, someone help.

Step 1: Log as Customer -


Step 2: Select this product (or any product), and Click "Add to Cart"


Step 3: Fatal error message -

Fatal error: Class 'SoapClient' not found in /home/education/public_html/filmgear/app/code/core/Mage/Usa/Model/Shipping/Carrier/Fedex.php on line 134
  • is php soap enabled?
    – echoashu
    Sep 23, 2014 at 15:52
  • can you please update the code of Shipping/Carrier/Fedex.php on line 134 this
    – Keyul Shah
    Sep 23, 2014 at 15:57

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Look up the following inside your script file


If you can't find Soap Client set to enabled like so: the way soap should appear in phpinfo()


Do the following:

  1. Locate php.ini in your apache bin folder, I.e Apache/bin/php.ini
  2. Remove the ; from the beginning of extension=php_soap.dll
  3. Restart your Apache server
  4. Look up your phpinfo(); again and check if you see a similar picture to the one above
  5. If you do, problem solved!

On the other hand if this doesn't solve your issue, you may want to check the requirements for SOAP here. Also in the comment section you can find good advice on connecting to https.


Facing same issue on ubuntu OS + PHP7 I managed to solve this issue by running this command

sudo apt-get install  php7.0-soap

And then restart apache

sudo service apache2 restart

Hope this may help someone.

With php5.x you can you can use

sudo apt-get install  php5-soap

you need to enable php soap client. Go to your php.ini file and find


and remove semicolon(;) , restart your apache. check phpinfo() to see if soap is installed succcessfully.


It is issue with php soap.i guess php soap client is not enable on your system.

also you need check soap configuration on server:

soap path 

in php.init setting


Adding on to Haris' answer, with YUM this is

sudo yum install php70-soap

I had this issue too. I'm running centos 7 minimal. The php-soap package was missing from php modules. (this yum command will work as of October 2018)

Just ran

yum install php-soap

And it fixed it. :-)

And then you have to restart apache, and flush Magento cache.


apachectl restart

and Then go to backend Magento System -> Cache Management and mash the 'flush Magento cache' button.

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