I have weird issue in Magento2

I sent a request via SOAP. And I have category id in this request.


  1. Save product.
  2. Delete product categories
  3. Add new category/categories

After that I see different categories in the product.

Product has correct category and also wrong other category.

How it possible?


  • Double-check that the category assignments for the product are being saved correctly and that there are no conflicting records in the database that could cause unexpected behavior.
    – Harun
    Jun 12 at 8:12
  • Thanks @Harun, I answered below.
    – Zalmoxis
    Jun 12 at 8:26

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Thanks for your reply. I checked few days and I couldn't see anything. Because I am using database query for delete and add categories.

DELETE FROM `catalog_category_product` WHERE `product_id` = {$productId}

INSERT INTO `catalog_category_product` (`category_id`, `product_id`) VALUES ('{$category}', '{$productId}')

Can it be related indexers or something?

Also I cannot use categoryLinkManagement because it has bug for multiple webshop. It cannot delete categories in product.

  • it could be related to indexers
    – Harun
    Jun 12 at 9:48

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