I am using magento version 2.4.5 live search versions : * 3.0.1

How can I customize the product information displayed enter image description here


I want to display more brands and labels for products, how should I do it?

  • Have you figure it out? Every source I've come across mentions that it's a challenging task to deal with the js to customize, yet there are no available examples or guides on how to do it Commented Jan 9 at 14:44
  • Has Anyone succeded with this one? Commented Jan 17 at 23:55
  • Hi, Any did you find any solution How to customize live search listing page? I want to add "Add to cart", wishlist feature.
    – Mahendra
    Commented Apr 17 at 10:31
  • I want to display SKU in the search popover. Any idea? Commented Apr 30 at 9:07

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I am searching for information about LiveSearch commerce module. I can see that the data is comming with GraphQL request that connected to the SaaS envierment you set up with "Commerce Services Connector" at admin panel.

if i will find more information about how can i apply mutations into this query i will update this post.


I'd like to know how to do similar things, but I haven't found any information... I even asked a question similar to yours, in case anyone wants to help me!

Magento 2 - Does anyone know how to customize the live search results with PLP Widget?

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