When I press on proceed I got this error on Magento Connect :

Invalid Post Data

  • How can I fix it ?
  • Directory Permission ?

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The error appears when you try to send the form through _GET (or to much data send through POST). This code can be found in downloader/Maged/Controller.php: (connectPreparePackagePostAction and connectInstallPackagePostAction methods)

if (!$_POST) {

Check what the $_POST variable looks like. Also check if you are not over the post_max_size limit with what you send.


In my case it was related to recent change in my .htaccess.

Thanks to this website (http://www.ecommerce-northern-ireland.co.uk/magento/upgrading-magento-via-magento-connect/) I now switch between 2 .htaccess files (optimized and normal) and it works perfectly


it might also be a badly worded error message. they use the same error message if you have an invalid form key. log back into the admin and then click the magento connect manager

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