I'm successfully import from a CSV file a massive number of SIMPLE products. Than I created the CONFIGURABLE products and assigned the simples by

$configurableproduct_load->getTypeInstance()->setUsedProductAttributeIds(array(258,267,178), $configurableproduct_load);
$configurableAttributesData = $configurableproduct_load->getTypeInstance()->getConfigurableAttributesAsArray($configurableproduct_load);


where 258, 267, 178 are the attributes id in the sort that I want. However, Magento create the CONFIGURABLE product assigned to it the configuration in the ASCENDING order: 178,258,267. This always appens, with all combinations of attribute id.

Frontend result

How I can assign my own sorting?

  • Of course, array(258, 267, 178), is just a sample. But I always get the issue with the given array :/ the defined order is completely ignored.
    – Samuele
    Commented Jun 3, 2023 at 19:01

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Try these steps

1.Retrieve the configurable product attributes and their values:

$configurableAttributesData = $configurableproduct_load->getTypeInstance()->getConfigurableAttributesAsArray($configurableproduct_load);

2Modify the sorting order of the attributes in the $configurableAttributesData array based on your desired order. For example, if you want the order to be 258, 267, 178,

$newOrder = array(258, 267, 178);
usort($configurableAttributesData, function ($a, $b) use ($newOrder) {
    $posA = array_search($a['attribute_id'], $newOrder);
    $posB = array_search($b['attribute_id'], $newOrder);
    return $posA - $posB;

3.Set the updated configurable attributes data to the configurable product:


4.Save the configurable product to apply the changes:


By using the **usort** function and providing a custom comparison function, you can define your own sorting order based on the attribute IDs. The configurable attributes will be sorted according to the order specified in the **$newOrder** array.
  • No :/ unfortunely nothing changed. Please, note also that the original sequenze of $attributeId given to first argument (array) of setUsedProductAttributeIds was as wished, but never assigned as aspected :/
    – Samuele
    Commented Jun 3, 2023 at 18:34
  • In each my random check, Magento assign the attribute in "attribute_id" sort order ascending. Never seen nothing before 2.3.2 version
    – Samuele
    Commented Jun 3, 2023 at 18:36

Finally I found the solution: to sort the attributes programmatically I set the key "position" of each attribute after created $configurableAttributesData

I hope this will be usefully for everyone ;)

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