I am using plugin

<type name="Magento\Customer\Model\AccountManagement">
    <plugin name="custom_change_reset_password_link_token"

and using Around on method aroundChangeResetPasswordLinkToken but problem is it is working on APIs but when I try to access the reset link on web it always gives me error

Your password reset link has expired.

Here is my implementation

* @param AccountManagement $subject
* @param callable $proceed
* @param string $customerId
* @param string $newPasswordToken
* @return bool

public function aroundChangeResetPasswordLinkToken(
    AccountManagement $subject,
    callable $proceed,
) {
    $customToken = ( string ) $this->random->getRandomNumber( 100000, 999999 );
    return $proceed( $customerId, $customToken );

When I pass a 6 digits string directly it works for example

    return $proceed( $customerId, "123456" );

IDK what's the issue please help, Thanks in Advanced

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Step 1: Request Customer Password Reset Token Using Magento 2 API Provided below is the complete structure of the Magento 2 API request to get the customer password reset token:

Method: PUT

URL: store_url/rest/V1/customers/password


  "email": "[email protected]",
  "template": "email_reset"

Step 2: Use Customer Password Reset Token to Set New Password Using Magento 2 API

Method: POST

URL: store_url/rest/V1/customers/resetPassword


  "email": "[email protected]",
  "resetToken": "0:3:DufpYnLrA+Kw5jmJUd6171AQSU2jgO+1AOp4AiIeibTHq5jgve+7ZBDvI62ihr1tDeBxYSmvtNILoeIk",

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