I have default magento mage_customer extend but onestepcheckout on issue.

AW_Onestepcheckout_AjaxController also extend mage_checkout account controller.

so how to extend both account controller.

  1. AW_Onestepcheckout_AjaxController
  2. Mage_Checkout_Controller_Action

my template override function is working.

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You said AW_Onestepcheckout_AjaxController already extends Mage_Checkout_Controller_Action. Now you need to extend both these controllers. For this you just need to make sure your custom module is depending on AW_Onestepcheckout module, so that it will indirectly depend upon the Mage_Checkout. Then you need to include AW_Onestepcheckout_AjaxController before your custom controller. ie

1) Make your custom module depending on the two modules

File : app\etc\modules\Namepace_Modulename.xml

                <AW_Onestepcheckout />
                <Mage_Checkout />  

2) Overwrite External Extension controller

Now you need to overwrite route of AW_Onestepcheckout module, so that, magento will use our custom extension before that external extension.

File : app\code\local\Namespace\Modulaname\etc\config.xml

                        <namespace_modulename before="AW_Onestepcheckout">Namespace_Modulename</namespace_modulename>

3) Extend the external external extension's controller with our own controller

Now create custom controller like this.

File : app\code\local\Namespace\Modulename\controllers\CustomController.php


class Namespace_Modulename_CustomController extends AW_Onestepcheckout_AjaxController
   // some code

Since AW_Onestepcheckout_AjaxController already extends the controller Mage_Checkout_Conrtroller_Action, it will automatically get included, when you extend the external extension's controller

  • i have added code but not call function. required rewrite function or not? Sep 23, 2014 at 6:01
  • Sorry, I didnt get you Sep 23, 2014 at 6:07
  • @RajeevKTomy I am having the same problem but the module I want to extend is "gomage_checkout" which is extending Mage_Checkout_Controller_Action,, I followed your method but it didn't helped :(
    – Haris
    Jan 27, 2017 at 18:51

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