namespace custom\ScheduleContentNotifier\Plugin;

use Magento\CatalogStaging\Model\ProductApplier;
use custom\ScheduleContentNotifier\Helper\Email;
use Magento\Catalog\Model\Indexer\Product\Category;
use Magento\Catalog\Model\ResourceModel\Product;
use Magento\Catalog\Model\ResourceModel\Product\Collection;
use Magento\CatalogStaging\Helper\ReindexPool;
use Magento\Framework\Indexer\CacheContext;
use Magento\Framework\Indexer\IndexerRegistry;
use Magento\Staging\Model\StagingApplierInterface;
use Magento\Staging\Model\VersionManager;
use Magento\Staging\Api\UpdateRepositoryInterface;

class PluginProductApplier
    protected $emailHelper;

     * @var UpdateRepositoryInterface
    protected $updateRepository;

     * @var Collection
    protected $productCollectionResource;

     * @var ReindexPool
    protected $indexerPool;

     * @var IndexerRegistry
    protected $indexerRegistry;

     * @var CacheContext
    protected $cacheContext;

     * @param UpdateRepositoryInterface $updateRepository
     * @param Collection $productResource
     * @param ReindexPool $indexerPool
     * @param IndexerRegistry $indexerRegistry
     * @param CacheContext $cacheContext

    public function __construct(
        Collection $productResource,
        ReindexPool $indexerPool,
        IndexerRegistry $indexerRegistry,
        CacheContext $cacheContext,
        UpdateRepositoryInterface $updateRepository,
        Email $emailHelper,
    ) {
        $this->updateRepository = $updateRepository;
        $this->productCollectionResource = $productResource;
        $this->indexerPool = $indexerPool;
        $this->indexerRegistry = $indexerRegistry;
        $this->cacheContext = $cacheContext;
        $this->emailHelper = $emailHelper;

     * {@inheritdoc}

    public function aroundExecute(ProductApplier $subject)
        $currentVersionId = $this->updateRepository->getVersionMaxIdByTime(strtotime('now'));

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From what I understand you are building a plugin for this method Magento\CatalogStaging\Model\ProductApplier::execute.

If this is true, then your plugin aroundExecute method should looke like this

public function aroundExecute(ProductApplier $subject, callable $proceed, array $entityIds) 

To answer your question, you can get the product ids that are being process from $entityIds.
Now to explain a bit the parameters you need to add to your method.

  • ProductApplier $subject - that's the class instance you are intercepting. You already have this
  • callable $proceed - this is the original method being intercepted. you can call it anywhere inside your plugin to execute the original code like this $proceeed($entityIds). Not calling this will remove any other plugins you have on this method other than this.
  • $entityIds - this represents the parameter(s) of the original method you intercepted. So the product ids where content stating is applied

You can get more info on how around plugins work, and what parameters they accept from the official documentation: https://developer.adobe.com/commerce/php/development/components/plugins/#around-methods

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