I've run into an issue where $product->getDisableAddToCart() is returning bool(true) for some products, but I can't find a declaration of that method, nor can I find an attribute disable_add_to_cart in eav_attributes.

The method is called in

  • app\code\core\Mage\Wishlist\Controller\Abstract.php line 103
  • app\code\core\Enterprise\CatalogPermissions\Model\Observer.php line 323, 380, 540 (Enterprise
  • app\code\core\Enterprise\Checkout\Model\Cart.php line 1021 (Enterprise

Can anyone tell me where this is defined?


You can check the event in app/code/core/Enterprise/CatalogPermissions/etc/config.xml

Event: checkout_cart_save_before : enterprise_catalogpermissions

Function name:

  1. checkQuotePermissions()
  2. _initPermissionsOnQuoteItems($quote) - Just can see the line: $item->setDisableAddToCart(true);

Which will reflect to this line: $quote->removeItem($quoteItem->getId());


It turns out that this is being set with a Magic Setter, so no actual method or attribute even exists. Just search the codebase for $product->setDisableAddToCart() to find all of the places where it is called.

  • You will notice this behaviour with many of the getter and setter functions in magento, it's actually common. Sep 22 '14 at 21:58

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