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Looking to add extra color swatches here. I'm pretty new to Magento 2.4 Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Here is a simple way to add an option to every attributes in Magento.

1. Find your attribute

You can find your product attribute here : Store > Attributes > Product

This will lead you to a list of every product attribute.

Search for 'color' in attribute code column Go to product attribute list

2. Edit your product attribute

You can edit your product attribute by clicking on it

On Your product attribute, look for the list of each value you can have. here on sample data 'Manage Swatch'

Add option to product attribute

Don't forget to click on this tiny icon to add your color.

Add a label to it, then you can save your attribute.

3. Edit your configurable product

Reach your configurable product to edit it.

On configuration tab click 'Edit configuration'

enter image description here

On step 2, select the colors you want to add to the product enter image description here

On step 4, Magento give you a summary of product taht will be created enter image description here

Click 'Generate product' and configure the new product by adding image, price, quantity, weight...

You can save your product and check on your storefront

4. Verify

Verify on storefront the new added color enter image description here

Hope this helped you. If you need a programmaticaly way, let me know

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