I'm trying to change the font type of the navigation bar in Magento 2.4.1. Is there a possible way?

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Identify the CSS class or ID of the navigation bar: Inspect the HTML elements of the navigation bar using your browser's developer tools. Look for the CSS class or ID that is applied to the navigation bar. It might be something like .navigation or #navigation.

Locate or create the appropriate CSS file: In your Magento installation, locate the CSS file responsible for styling the navigation bar. It could be a file specific to your theme or a general stylesheet. The file is typically located in the pub/static directory or your theme's directory under app/design/frontend.

Add or modify the font styles: Open the CSS file and add or modify the font styles for the navigation bar. You can use the CSS font-family property to specify the desired font type. For example:

css Copy code

.navigation {
  font-family: "Arial", sans-serif;

Replace "Arial", sans-serif with the font type you want to use. You can specify multiple font types separated by commas, and the browser will use the first available font on the user's system.

Save the CSS file and clear the cache: After making the changes, save the CSS file and clear the Magento cache. This can be done through the command line or the Magento admin panel. Clearing the cache ensures that the updated CSS styles are applied.

Refresh the front-end: Open your Magento store's front-end and refresh the page to see the changes to the font type in the navigation bar. If the changes don't take effect immediately, try clearing your browser cache as well.

Note: It's always recommended to create a child theme or use custom CSS files to make modifications, rather than directly editing core theme files. This way, your changes will be preserved even when you update or switch themes in the future.

Remember to backup your files before making any changes and test thoroughly to ensure the desired font type is applied correctly.

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