After updating from Magento 2.3.5 to Magento 2.4.5-p1, I noticed that the aspect ratio of 1 image of 1 specific productpage has been changed. The rendered size, rendered aspect ratio, intrinsic size and the intrinsic aspect ratio have been changed, compared to before update.

I understand that this can have something to do with the view.xml of the theme.

After examination, I dont see any differences with how this was before upgrading Magento.

Could someone maybe point me in a direction to better understanding why the aspect ratio of images can change after performing an update of Magento? For example, files to examine, or maybe a useful URL with more information.

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  • It's worth noting that the image aspect ratio could also be affected by the image file itself.

  • For example, if the image was resized before the upgrade, it could have been stretched or distorted, which would affect the aspect ratio.

  • You can try to compare the original image with the current image to see if there are any differences.

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