1. I want to add an additional checkout step (Raing and Review) after the payment and review step.
  2. if anyone knows the solution then please add a solution here.

Thank you.

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There's an official tutorial for that: Add a New Checkout Step | Commerce PHP Extensions.


Create a new module in app/code/[Vendor]/[Module] directory.

Create a new KnockoutJS component in your module's view/frontend/web/js/view directory. This component will handle your new checkout step.

Create a new HTML template file in your module's view/frontend/web/template directory. This file will contain the HTML for your new checkout step.

Open the checkout_index_index.xml file (located in Magento's checkout module) and add your new KnockoutJS component to the checkout page.

Add the necessary JavaScript to your new KnockoutJS component to handle form submission and validation.

Create a new model and database table to save the customer's rating and review information.

Finally, enable your new module in Magento and clear the cache to see your new checkout step in action.


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