Template Absolute and Relative paths. What does that mean?

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    May 12 '13 at 16:47

An absolute path is from the upper most level of the directory tree. Ie. / or C:\

Eg. /home/sonassi/www/index.php

A relative path is relative to the current working directory. In the case of a web server, that would be the document root. Ie. In PHP $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']

In the example above the document root is /home/sonassi/www - making the relative path to index.php just ./index.php or index.php. The leading ./ just denotes the current directory.

You should always use relative paths for cross-platform compatibility

Eg. Magento uses a relative path for the ./app/Mage.php include in index.php - which means even if you change server, it will still look only in the app subdirectory for the file.

But if they had defined an absolute path, eg. /home/sonassi/www/app/Mage.php - then it means if you ever moved servers - and the document root was no longer /home/sonassi/www - then the hardcoded path would no longer be valid.

Absolute paths have their place - but as far as Magento templates are concerned (ie. definitions in XML files, they should always be relative)

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