Is it possible to create a configurable product, which works both ways?

So for example:

Product A is configurable, which means that you can choose a particular option let say color or size, and when you do so, it becomes Product B.

When I look up product B individually, then I want to get the same options, in order to get Product A en so on...

I want the associated products that has been created from product A, to have the same option for color and size.

I hope someone can help me out with this issue.

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With Magento 2.4, you can create a Configurable Product with multiple associated Simple Products based on different attributes, such as color or size. However, the functionality you're describing, where the associated Simple Products have the same options to become other Simple Products, is not available by default in Magento.

To achieve this functionality, you can try the following:

  1. Custom extension: Develop a custom Magento extension to override the default behavior and add the desired functionality. This will require programming knowledge, especially in PHP and Magento development. You can create a custom module that listens to an event like controller_action_predispatch_catalog_product_view, checks if the current product is a Simple Product associated with a Configurable Product, and then loads the parent Configurable Product with all available options.

  2. Third-party extensions: Look for third-party extensions that might offer similar functionality. Some extensions may allow you to customize product options and display them on Simple Products as well. Keep in mind that these extensions may not work exactly as you described, and you might need to customize them or request support from the extension developers.

  3. Grouped products: Consider using Grouped Products instead of Configurable Products. Grouped Products can display a list of associated Simple Products together on one page, and customers can select quantities for each Simple Product. While this doesn't offer the exact functionality you're looking for, it can be a more straightforward way to display multiple product options together.

Please note that custom development and third-party extensions might affect your store's performance and compatibility with future updates. Always make sure to test your changes in a development environment before deploying them to your live store.

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