I have few extensions which is using "Zend_Http_Client". It is working with Magento ver. 2.4.5. but in Magento 2.4.6, it says "Error: Class "Zend_Http_Client" not found".

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As Zend usage deprecated since 2.4.6, Now you can use Laminas instead.

  • Replace Zend_Http_Client with \Laminas\Http\Request (Replace constants from GET to METHOD_GET, POST to METHOD_POST)

  • For example: \Zend_Http_Client::POST will be \Laminas\Http\Request::METHOD_POST and \Zend_Http_Client::GET will be \Laminas\Http\Request::METHOD_GET

  • Replace Zend_Json with \Laminas\Json\Json

Make sure that you have installed

  • laminas/laminas-http
  • laminas/laminas-serializer

More information can be found here: https://developer-stage.adobe.com/commerce/php/development/backward-incompatible-changes/highlights/?utm_source=store&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=2023-02-magento-2-4-6


You can resolve this (for the time being) by adding magento/zendframework1 back into your build.

composer require magento/zendframework1

Then do a full clean and it should all work again.

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    If I could give 1000 points right now I would. Thank you. I wonder why Magento didn't advertise this very easy workaround, than to wait the module developers to provide the adapted releases without Zend_* dependencies. Commented Mar 31, 2023 at 17:58
  • it is a good solution after it reaches it's EOL ?
    – Ahmed Atef
    Commented Apr 26, 2023 at 10:24
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    Don't use deprecated framework. It's bad idea, guys Commented Jul 20, 2023 at 13:00

Zend framework (ZF1) components that have reached end of life have been removed from the codebase. See Backward-incompatible changes highlights.


Zend has been replaced by Laminas. Be sure ton include laminas/laminas-serializer in composer.json


You need to install laminas/laminas-serializer via composer

composer require laminas/laminas-serializer

and then replace Zend classes with respective Laminas classes from your code inside vndor directory and app/code and all other occurences.

Follow this article for more details: https://meetanshi.com/blog/solved-class-zend-not-found-in-magento-2/


There are official docs with official suggestions (with examples):

Zend_HTTP replaced with laminas-http https://developer.adobe.com/commerce/php/development/backward-incompatible-changes/highlights/#zend_http-replaced-with-laminas-http

Zend_Validate replaced with laminas-validator https://developer.adobe.com/commerce/php/development/backward-incompatible-changes/highlights/#zend_validate-replaced-with-laminas-validator

Replace Zend_Http_Client class: In your case you can use \Magento\Framework\HTTP\LaminasClient instead of ancient Zend_Http_Client

Another idea: Try to avoid direct usage of 3d-party classes like Zend or Laminas. In Magento we should use Adapters - as a Magento best practice

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