I noticed a strange behaviour and I'm not able to understand if this is correct or not.

First of all I would like to specify that I'm not a Magento expert. I started with Magento just now.

On a Magento 2.4.4 I have, for the same product, one configurable and one simple product.

Only for some of the available products that I have on the catalog (not for all) when I proceed with the purchase, into the order_items DB table I can see the linked item to this order.

The strange behaviour is that this item (simple type) has as its parent item id the configurable item and there isn't any prices info on it.

If I try the same purchase with other products, into the order_items table, I can see the purchased item without the parent_id and with all the prices filled.

I'm not able to understand if this behaviour is correct and which is the difference on the products that generates this difference.

Can Somebody can give me an idea on it? Can somebody point out what I have to check?


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