Products Not Showing in Category page after upgrade to 2.4.5-p1 and indexer:reindex cmd gives below error

Catalog Search index process error during indexation process:
{"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"illegal_argument_exception","reason":"failed to build 
synonyms"}],"type":"illegal_argument_exception","reason":"failed to build 
synonyms","caused_by":{"type":"parse_exception","reason":"parse_exception: Invalid 
synonym rule at line 3","caused_by":{"type":"illegal_argument_exception","reason":"term: \" was completely eliminated by analyzer"}}},"status":400}

Does anyone know how to fix this error?

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Do you have the correct version of Elasticsearch installed? Magento 2.4.5-p1 requires version 7.17 of Elasticsearch - https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/commerce-operations/installation-guide/system-requirements.html

  • Yes We have 7.17 of Elasticsearch. Feb 21 at 10:31

We have found the issue,the issue was in extra '"' symbol specified in one of search synonyms:

select * from search_synonyms limit 10;

enter image description here

We were able to re-run catalogsearch_fulltext reindex after removing this extra quote.

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