I am facing an issue.

  1. I want to show "use default values" on all store view in special price from and to fields only.
  2. Suppose I have a website with two stores. "use default values" check boxes are shown fine when I select individual stores but when I select " All Stores View" it is not showing on all fields or specific.

For example if scope is all store view enter image description here

Please answer if you have worked on or if you have any idea.


  1. result should be this; enter image description here

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Is this an issue within the admin panel? "Use default values" is displayed as special_from_date and special_to_date attributes are set at "Website" scope. Do you want to define a single value that's inherited to all stores? If so, you may want to create a new attribute at global scope?

More info on scope can be found here:


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