The reset password is not working, I'm receiving the email, and reset link is working. After entering the new password and submit, it says that the password reset link has expired.

I'm using Porto theme.

enter image description here

Please find screenshot.


  • - Try changing to the default magneto theme to see if it does the same. Also try disabling all the custom module to see if it still does the same thing. Something else you can do check the cookies configuration and check the configuration about the time the link is valid , its in store / config/customer settings. Feb 17 at 10:52
  • @VyacheslavShmal Its is working when I switched the theme to luma. I believe the issue is with Porto theme. Feb 23 at 10:40

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I have managed to fix this issue with Porto theme.

I renamed the below two files, and clear caches and it starts working again.




@sandeep you saved my life! This issue is very difficult to find the problem, and the first thing that I did was to try luma teme, and the problem is the same.

Renaming or deleting these two port files solves the problem! Everything works without any problem and I didn't notice any missing files.

I will investigate what changed in magento that caused these problems in the theme.


  • I'm glad to hear this. Renaming those files will not create any issues. Jun 12 at 7:05

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