I successfully installed the Martfury Marketplace Magento Theme along with the Magefan Blog Module. My intention was to edit the homepage after activating the theme. However, upon pressing the edit button, I encountered an error code. enter image description here

Wysiwyg.php on line 114, enter image description here

Please anyone can help me to fix this issue ?

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You can handle the Undefined array key of content_css on line no 114 using the below code.

$mainCss = $result->getData('tinymce')['content_css'];

Change above line code to below line of code.

$mainCss = isset($result->getData('tinymce')['content_css']) ? $result->getData('tinymce')['content_css']: '';
  • I have updated my answer. Please check now. Feb 9 at 7:39
  • Thank you sir it works !
    – Hirun
    Feb 10 at 2:53
  • Hi, I happy to hear that. Please accept my answer by providing upvote. So, It will help other community user. Feb 10 at 3:51

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