I need to add Reset option in Manage Coupon Codes Auto Generation coupon grid Action.

When select record(coupon code) in the grid and click on the Reset option then Submit button should be display and click on submit button to reset the coupon code.

Reset button reset the selected coupon code Time Used: 0 so customer can again able to used this coupon code.

If any have idea how can add Reset button in Action dropdown for reset coupon code set Time Used: 0 then let me know.

Any help would be appreciated.

enter image description here

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For the Reset Button functionality, you must create a custom module and put your logic into it to cater to the Scenario for Time Used: 0.

Just break down your tasks or module functionality as follows:

  • Create an option for Admin Grid: Add an extra column or Action button.
  • Assign the coupon code that is selected through the code and access the coupon functionality.

I hope that will help you!

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