Magento 2: I'm trying to add a block to a cms page with a layout overwrite. The problem is the url key has a / at the end which can not be removed. So the url key is uber-uns/ If i remove the / as a TEST it works. Any one got a clue how i do this and keep the /?

app/design/frontend/Company/theme-shopname/Magento_Cms/layout/cms_page_view_id_uber-uns.xml (this works as a test without /) (file content isn't really relevant for the question)

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<page xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"
        <referenceContainer name="main">
            <container name="home-blocks" htmlTag="div" htmlClass="home-blocks">
                <container name="home-blocks-right-wrapper" htmlTag="div" htmlClass="home-blocks-right-wrapper"
                    <container name="home-block-2-wrapper" htmlTag="div" htmlClass="home-block-2 movies-left"
                        <block class="Company\HomePageVideo\Block\HomeVideo" name="block-movies-left"
                            <container name="home-block-2-text" htmlTag="div" htmlClass="home-block-2-text">
                                <block class="Magento\Cms\Block\Block" name="home-block-2">
                                        <argument name="block_id" xsi:type="string">home-block-2</argument>

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1)From layout .xml file:

<block class="Magento\Cms\Block\Block" name="Promo">
        <argument name="block_id" xsi:type="string">promo</argument>

2)From .Phtml File:

<?php echo $block->getLayout()->createBlock('Magento\Cms\Block\Block')->setBlockId('block_identifier')->toHtml();?>

3)From cms page or block:

{{block class="Magento\\Cms\\Block\\Block" block_id="block_identifier"}}

I hope this may help you.


I wasn't able to figure it out. So i ended up making a html block and adding it to the specific page with the pagebuilder.

{{block class="Company\HomePageVideo\Block\HomeVideo" name="over-ons-video" template="Company_HomePageVideo::over-ons-video.phtml" area="frontend"}}

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