I want to override the magento\framework\view\page\config.php file setMetadata($name, $content) method to remove the htmlentites in meta description when we are viewing the page source code.

For that i did following code

di.xml file:

    <preference for="vendor\magento\framework\View\Page\Config" type="Logo\Importer\Framework\View\Page\Config" />

Logo\Importer\Framework\View\Page\Config.php file:

namespace Logo\Importer\Framework\View\Page;

class Config extends \Magento\Framework\View\Page\Config
    public function setMetadata($name, $content)
        $this->metadata[$name] = htmlspecialchars($content);

But its still not removing the htmlentities from page source code.

Any help can be appreciated.


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You can try the below possible solution which removes the HTML tags from the content.

Solution 1 : Magento way

echo $content_data = $this->escapeHtml($content);

Solution 2 : PHP way

$content = '<h1>welldone test</h1>';
echo strip_tags($content);

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