After Magento Upgrade in latest version product list page showing this error, please suggest me what we can take step to solve this error.

jquery.js:10363 Uncaught TypeError: url.indexOf is not a function
    at jQuery.fn.load (jquery.js:10363:23)
    at new.html:185:27
    at new.html:327:15
    at Object.execCb (658fc906f1d52e7163f6385a220b823b.js:1696:33)
    at Module.check (658fc906f1d52e7163f6385a220b823b.js:883:51)
    at Module.<anonymous> (658fc906f1d52e7163f6385a220b823b.js:1139:34)
    at 658fc906f1d52e7163f6385a220b823b.js:134:23
    at 658fc906f1d52e7163f6385a220b823b.js:1189:21
    at each (658fc906f1d52e7163f6385a220b823b.js:59:31)
    at Module.emit (658fc906f1d52e7163f6385a220b823b.js:1188:17)

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Here's jquery 3 release note: https://blog.jquery.com/2016/06/09/jquery-3-0-final-released/

Removed deprecated event aliases (https://github.com/jquery/jquery/issues/2286)

  • .load, .unload, and .error, deprecated since jQuery 1.8, are no more.
  • Use .on() to register listeners.


Search your custom/third-party modules code and replace the following deprecated excerpt:


with the following:

$(window).on('load', function(){ ...});

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