I have overridden the default email template for "forgot password"


When I click the "forgot your password?" link from frontend, the old(default )email template is getting received in the mailbox every time but when I click "reset password" button from the customer account page in admin, I receive the new email template. The new template is placed in the theme folder at:


What do you think could be the reason and remedy?

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Your path is correct


overwrited by


Guess you need to flush cache and static files first.

You can debug in backend. Marketing -> Communications -> Email Templates -> Add New Template (Just for preview)

Select Template "Forgot Password" and Load Template to check the result.

enter image description here

  • My custom template is not loading when I selected the "Forgot Password" template from dropdown as you suggested. FYI: I have overridden the welcome email template too and its template is loading and working as expected. Flushed static files/cash too
    – Ajwad Syed
    Dec 16, 2022 at 6:33

So I figured,

Forgot Email Template is called on frontend password reset call, which is:


whereas, Remind Email Template is called on backend password reset call, which is:


Reset Password Template (once you set) is called when the customer changes password in his account.

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