Magento 2.4.2-p1
Smartwave Porto
13 Amasty extensions

I offer special 'Expedited Christmas is guaranteed for orders by 12/20' shipping option for $25. Last Christmas, we set it up via the Shipping Rules Amasty extension which connected through the [freeshipping] shipping option where the price was overriden directly in the 'Expedited Christmas Shipping' Amasty Shipping rule where it is set in Rates = Base Rate for the Order: 25

I have updated things yesterday and now, when I try to activate this 'Expedited Christmas' Shipping rule via the Free Shipping Flat rate - it shows up on the front end but wants to charge $0 instead of the $25.

Is there a way to override the Free shipping in Magento NOT to be $0 but to charge $25 instead? I think this will be the only way for me to do this as the other Flat shipping methods are used up for Amasty's Shipping Rules and Shipping Restrictions.

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I ended up fixing this by adding the 'Expedited Christmas is guaranteed for orders by 12/21 [freeshipping]' Free shipping option into the 'Block nationwide' Shipping Restriction next to Best Way [tablerate].

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