so here is the scenerio.

I want to display bare html in the product titles. But magento strips any html in the product title as you can see here (https://swadeshiherbal.com/khomba-baby-cologne-herbal-100ml-6.html) .

Please help me to find the template file that magento uses to display these titles so that I can remove any html escaping functions from there.

I tried to find the function but couldn't find it. however the below file contained a function call like so



but it doesn't have any escaping functions

pleaese help

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You can use below command to show the template path. You have to run this command in magento root:

php bin/magento dev:template-hints:enable

Also if you are in developer mode then you can enable template hints from admin as well:

Go to Admin Panel > Stores > Settings > Configuration > Advanced > Developer > Debug.

You can find exact path of any template and class.

  • thanks sire, much appreciated your input
    – Desper
    Commented Dec 14, 2022 at 12:35

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