I am in the process of upgrading magento 2.3.5 ( commerce version ) to 2.4.4 ( commerce version ) commerce version also known as enterprise edition

On testing the 2.4.4 version I noticed that the code customerData.get('cart')().items; does not return the customer's cart

Refer below code on the complete code file on checkout-loader.js

], function (resolver, customerData, $) {
    'use strict';

    return function (checkoutLoader) {

        var mixin = {

            gtmEventTrigger: function() {

                console.log("Init Checkout Loader");
                var product_name = 'n/a';
                var product_sku = 'n/a';
                var product_price = 'n/a';
                var product_brand = 'n/a';
                var product_category = 'n/a';
                var product_variant = 'n/a';
                var product_market_price = 'n/a';
                var product_wow_cashback = 'n/a';
                var product_shipping_wm = 'n/a';
                var product_shipping_em = 'n/a';
                // empty
                var cart_items = customerData.get('cart')().items;
                var product_detail = {};
                var products = [];

                console.log("customer Data");

                // the cart_items here is empty

                    product_detail = {};

                    product_name = productData['product_name'];
                    product_sku = productData['product_sku'];
                    product_price = productData['product_price_value'];
                    product_brand = productData['product_brand'];
                    product_category = productData['product_category'];
                    product_variant = productData['product_variant'];
                    product_market_price = productData['product_market_price'];
                    product_wow_cashback = productData['product_wow_cashback'];
                    product_shipping_wm = productData['product_shipping_wm'];
                    product_shipping_em = productData['product_shipping_em'];

                    product_detail = {


                'event': 'ecommerceCheckout',
                'eventDetails.category': 'Ecommerce',
                'eventDetails.action': 'Checkout Step 1',
                'eventDetails.nonInteraction': 'false',
                'ecommerce': {
                    'currencyCode': 'MYR',
                    'checkout': {
                        'actionField': {
                            'step': 1
                        'products': products




        return $.extend(checkoutLoader, mixin);

This is what I get on the console tab of browser developer tools

enter image description here

notice that the product array item list is empty

the item is in the product cart as per below image

enter image description here

also I check on the browser Developer tools in Application tab and found that the data is in the localstorage, so the data is indeed there

enter image description here

I am not sure what changes happen in magento 2.4.4 that causes this data not able to be captured using the code customerData.get('cart')().items as it works fine in the magento 2.3.5

Requesting help from someone who understand and manage to found the fixture on this problem

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If you have any changes related to customerData in the theme then it will cause issue in latest version because there are some changes in customer-data.js. So you can check below path and copy customer-data.js from the vendor/Magento/module-customer to :


Also make your changes in new copied customer-data.js file in the theme. One more thing I see in your console there are 8 errors and 1 warning is showing so i suggest you to please fix these console errors as well.

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