I have a site in developer mode and all static files are loaded from pub/static but they aren't there. I have seen the docs that describe how Magento looks for the appropriate file to return as it can come from the theme, from extensions or from core files. But how can I know which file is being delivered?

I.e. this URL: https://dev.site.com/static/version1670060873/frontend/theme/sub/es_ES/js/ga_events.js

How can I know where is the real file "ga_events.js"?

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If you are in developer mode then first remove pub/static/frontend/theme/sub/es_ES/ga_events.js file physically and then reload the page so it will generate the soft link of your removed file then execute the below command.

ls -ls pub/static/frontend/theme/sub/es_ES/ga_events.js

Then it will show you the symbolic link to the original file using which it got generated.

For example in my case :-

enter image description here

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  • It works perfectly, the symlinks are not visible in FTP but they are there, I just had to look. Thanks :-)
    – Xeviton
    Dec 5, 2022 at 18:27

Use find command in bash.

find . -name "ga_events.js"

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