I changed php version and composer version.But run command "bin/magento setup:upgrade", display error like this.

SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '584362' for key 'PRIMARY', query was: ALTER TABLE `catalog_url_rewrite_product_category` ADD CONSTRAINT  PRIMARY KEY (`url_rewrite_id`)

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Magento added a constraint to the table catalog_url_rewrite_product_category at 2.4.3 I think.

You won't be able to bin/magento setup:upgrade without solving the issue. Composer is not at fault.

The fix is pretty easy.

Take full backup of your database first and execute this SQL query.

START TRANSACTION; CREATE TABLE catalog_url_rewrite_product_category_temp 
SELECT DISTINCT * FROM catalog_url_rewrite_product_category; ALTER TABLE 
catalog_url_rewrite_product_category RENAME 
catalog_url_rewrite_product_category_backup; ALTER TABLE 
catalog_url_rewrite_product_category_temp RENAME 
catalog_url_rewrite_product_category; DROP TABLE 
catalog_url_rewrite_product_category_backup; COMMIT;

Github issue. (Above solution is from there) https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/33770

Solution Explanation: We take all DISTINCT data from catalog_url_rewrite_product_category so no more duplicate url_rewrite_id rows and add it to a temp table.

We rename the table catalog_url_rewrite_product_category to a temp name We rename the temp table that we stored the DISTINCT data back to the name of the original table of catalog_url_rewrite_product_category.

Magento adds all the required constraints/relations/indexes etc to the new table via the declarations in db_schema.xml on bin/magento setup:upgrade process.

Hope it helps

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