I have created tons of products without setting the weight. Now I would like to add the weight, same weight to all products. Can a sql query help me? Is there some other solution.


Take a look @ How to update product weight and Country of Manufacture using mysql query in Magento

#1. First get weight attribute_id value (assume 80)
SELECT attribute_id FROM eav_attribute where attribute_code = 'weight';

#2. To view all products weight attribute to see if they all are empty
#SELECT * FROM catalog_product_entity_decimal where attribute_id = 80;

#3. To update with new weight
Update catalog_product_entity_decimal as cped 
   set cped.value = [your new weight here] 
   where attribute_id = 80; # <- replace 80 with attribute_id from eav_attribute

Always back-up your database before making major changes

You could combine sql statement 1 and 3 see mysql update join

Update catalog_product_entity_decimal cped
   join eav_attribute ev ON ev.attribute_id = cped.attribute_id 
   Set cped.value = 1 #<- change to your weight
   where ev.attribute_code = 'weight';
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    when migrating from an old mage1x that used grams in the DB: Update catalog_product_entity_decimal as cped set cped.value = cped.value / 1000 where attribute_id = 80; – DM8 Feb 5 '18 at 11:10

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