Is there a way to detect orders that are placed via API? I want to add to those orders a different order number prefix.

I have already created an observer that is changing the prefix based on payment method of the order and I want to extend it to change the prefix based on order placed on web or API.

Event for observer now is sales_order_place_after

I have an observer that is doing that and I want to fix it in observer but what I need to take into consideration are the prefix for:

  • web orders paid by card
  • web orders with bank transfer
  • API orders paid by card
  • API orders with bank transfer

Basically I need 4 types of prefix.

Because of this, the functionality that I need now is a way to detect when an order comes from API vs orders that comes from web

Can someone please help me?

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To identify the order placed on website or via API, you can check the HTTP Origin of the request (HTTP_ORIGIN). If the order placing on the website, the HTTP Origin will return the website base URL, otherwise, it will return an empty string.

Implementation of the Observer class:


namespace Vendor\Module\Observer;

use Magento\Framework\App\RequestInterface;
use Magento\Framework\Event\Observer;
use Magento\Framework\Event\ObserverInterface;

class ChangeOrderPrefix implements ObserverInterface
     * @var RequestInterface
    private $request;

    public function __construct(RequestInterface $request)
        $this->request = $request;

     * Change the order prefix based on ...
     * @param Observer $observer
     * @return $this
    public function execute(Observer $observer)
        /** @var \Magento\Sales\Model\Order $order */
        $order = $observer->getEvent()->getOrder();
        // If HTTP_ORIGIN has value that means the order placed on website
        if ($this->request->getServer('HTTP_ORIGIN')) {
            // Code for the order placed on website
        } else {
            // Code for the order placed via API
        // Your customize code goes here

        return $this;


I think their is no way to check if order was placed via API or browser by using Magento Events sales_order_place_after because by Default on browser the javascript also place order via API payment-information

  • In this case i think you has to implement a javascript code which adding an additional information to payment-info on the browser which this information allow you tracking which order was placed on Browser.

A hit for you: Adding a hook to place-order-hooks.js which allow you update the payload before submit to server.

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